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Afrique - 4 avril 2021

Cameroon > Mila Assouté: A Coalition of political parties is neither undemocratic nor an abominable political crime

A Coalition of circumstance of political parties for the revision of the mechanisms of devolution of power is neither undemocratic nor an abominable political crime.

This is the sentence that introduces the epistolary exit of Pierre Mila Assouté after the meeting of some actors of the Cameroonian political scene ,a coalition for the revision of the Cameroonian electoral code and unfortunately forbidden by the sub-prefect of Yaoundé 1st .

This dangerous way of doing things, which consists permanently in humiliating, taunting, belittling, trampling, belittling, ignoring, because sure of its invincibility, raises serious issues of peace and security for our country on the eve of the presidential elections of 2025.

So here is what the leader of the Rdmc, former Cpdm and resigned, after his desire to see the birth of a Cpdm called modernists, today he presents himself as a political exile.

A man like me who has seen 17 years of his life snatched away in exile for love of his country and who lives by non-vindictive patriotic tolerance cannot and must not remain silent in the face of what will plunge this country into war.

The democratic culture is built and nourished by public debates on subjects of disagreement and discord. The discords found the necessities of the right to the detriment of the force of the state of nature of Hobes. The culture of debate and the culture of peace are consubstantially the pillars of a positive cohabitation of the plurality of opinions in an organized country.

It is therefore neither democratic nor peaceful to block de facto by the artifices of a specious and boring legalism the debates of a political nature which can generate violence on the subjects of social discord between the rival republican political companies.

Pierre Mila Assouté thinks that ,the quest for state power in Africa, remains the first factor- risk that has led many countries by intolerance and deficit of democratic culture and the rule of law of the strong, either in devastating civil wars or towards military coups or chaotic rebellions.

Cameroon is certainly blessed by God, it remains that these last four years prove to us 60 years after independence, that peace is never definitively acquired. That it is a permanent quest of the society on itself.

A country that chooses the Republic and embraces democracy as a political system where law and peace prevail, must not do without making the electoral mechanisms that promote the fluidity of universal suffrage as a legitimate way of accessing political power effective.

Further on, the politician thinks:

So, to understand everything, Pierre Mila Assouté goes further and argues that this initiative of the political parties intervenes besides obviously, following an express request of the general management of Elecam, made public, made to the persons in charge of its own branches, and mentioning a possible revision of the electoral code.

Pierre Laverdure Ombang

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