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Cameroon: 700 million for two presidential cars, and 3 years later where are they?

A few years ago, Cameroonians discovered the last two acquisitions of the presidential parking lot, a luxurious and rare German brand, the presidential Maybach. Never more appreciated since 3 years.

Even in the West, few rich people have the luxury of having this car, the Maybach in one year in France could not be sold in France.
Because since the launch of this range of cars, in 2013 only 15 copies were in circulation in France. In the United States, the best sales were made in 2004, with 244 cars purchased.

And yet this is the one that will attract the attention of those in charge of presidential cars in Cameroon. Two Maybach 62S and 57S of the President of the Republic are the latest acquisitions in the parking lot of the Head of State. Identical, newcomers in the presidential motorcade, the appointment.

The Vip manufactured by the German brand Daimler AG since only 2002, and acquired at a price totally incomprehensible by the average Cameroonian, who is still surprised at the interest that there was to spend so much money, because it should be known that a may Bach 57S is acquired from 470,000 euros.

No need to do the math, Paul Biya had acquired two in one shot. For a mere 700 million francs. From models personalized full option according to the desires of Mr. President of the Republic. Cars fully protected against all attacks.

Except that for several years already, these cars have remained parked waiting for an official exit of Paul Biya who has not made any or almost, for almost 3 years.

“That is to say that for 3 years so 700 million if you remained parked without producing any interest …? what is this investment?”
asks Palama, shopkeeper.

Except that he surely doesn’t have all the information about the Range Rover Sentinel which is one of the most extraordinary Range Rover ever produced. It has been expertly designed by Special Vehicle Operations, explains the general manager of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, John Edwards, on the company’s website, and which the President of the Republic has also acquired and never seen again for 3 years already.

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