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Cameroon > Markets: The Minister of Trade is navigating at sight…

No reason to worry, Cameroon remains below the inflation rate limit set by the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa. This is indeed, what the Minister of Commerce Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana thinks.

Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, the Minister of Commerce, in front of the press, will therefore let wait that

“If we produced enough we would not be faced with the problems that some and others raise. Although we do not produce some products that we consume, the case of wheat in terms of bread and despite the restrictions that are those of exporters we manage to find what we need on the international market. We find rice, flour, fish. Honestly, I would like to understand the motivation of what is reported, except for distorting the reality. Artificial shortages would mean that you have the product and you hide it. This does not exist on the Cameroonian market, reality is inescapable, the facts are stubborn. A number of measures have been taken, including incentives to develop production, the commitment to which has been made and the movement has begun.”

Except that the Minister of Trade is still in the suppositions without talking about concrete proposals on which rests these assertions on ‘e almost zero risk of inflation in Cameroon.

What is the strategy thought to be implemented while traders in the markets are suffering the full force and often victims of the covid-19? Nothing filters on what is proposed for traders during this pandemic to enable them to hold the boat, while the prices of foodstuffs are rising on the markets as is the case of the price of mackerel, which has doubled in a week.

The Minister of Commerce does not seem to know that more than 60% of traders have not recovered their level of activity compared to the pre-containment period. Some have even observed a slowdown in recent weeks…?

With the covid-19, the merchants are still under water. It is in any case it is the report made, with the traders all sectors of activities confused.

Pierre Laverdure Ombang

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