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Amerique - 29 septembre 2021

Us > Democracy and Activisim: Obama launches his foundation

« Today we officially broke ground on the Obama Presidential Center on the South Side of Chicago. »

Chicago is where President Obama found his purpose, and where he finally put his ideas about democracy and activism and social change to the test. Most important, it’s where he met a brilliant, beautiful daughter of the South Side named Michelle Robinson.

« We were married here, our daughters were born here, and we bought our first home here. Chicago is where almost everything that’s most precious to me began. It’s where I found a home »

says Barack Obama

They will always be grateful for that, and the Obama Presidential Center is their way of repaying some of what this city has given to them.

« But we’re also building this Center because we believe it can speak to some of the central struggles of our time. We are living through a moment of rapid disruption – in technology and the global economy, in our social arrangements and our environment. Too often, it feels as if our major institutions have failed to respond effectively to these disruptions. And in the breach, we’ve seen a growing culture of cynicism and mistrust, more division and more bitter conflict »,

Described the former president.

The good news is the fact that they can reverse these trends, reimagine the institutions, and rebuild the societies in a way that gives more and more people a better life.

Obama believe that because h’ve seen it. Around the world and right here in Chicago, there are young people who aren’t waiting for someone else to solve big problems. Instead, in the face of sometimes impossible odds, they are rolling up their sleeves and putting down stakes and making a difference, one neighborhood, one school, one community at a time.

This coming generation of leaders is the source of his hope. And through this Center, Barack and Michelle Obama intend to give these young people the training, support, resources and platforms they need to fully realize their enormous potential, collaborate and share ideas, and bring their dreams to scale.

« Michelle and I can’t imagine a better legacy than that. For in this next generation of leaders, in Chicago and around the world, we see ourselves. The Obama Presidential Center is our way of showing young people everywhere that they can do the same, »

Concluded Mr. Obama

Ilyass Iliaskov Chirac Poumie, With Barack Obama

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