Accueil SociétéAmérique United States | Columbia president faces key vote of censure from faculty as protests continue nationwide

United States | Columbia president faces key vote of censure from faculty as protests continue nationwide

Pro-Palestinian protests continue at major US universities, where several schools have called police on protesters, leading to the arrests of hundreds across the country.

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By Adam Newman

At New York’s Columbia University, the epicenter of the demonstrations, protesters against the war in Gaza are demanding the school cut ties with Israeli academic institutions and disinvest its funds from Israel-linked entities. Protesters at other campuses have similar demands.The University of Southern California canceled its main commencement ceremony next month, citing “new safety measures,” after nearly 100 people were arrested on the campus.At Emory University in Georgia, two professors were detained, and more than two dozen people have been arrested.

Students and faculty members of Emory University that were arrested on Thursday morning during a pro-Palestinian protest on the university’s campus will not have any release restrictions placed on them according to DeKalb County Magistrate Court Judge E. Ann Guerrant.  Guerrant made the ruling after, Amy Adelman, Interim Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Emory University, appeared before the court and said that the university did not want any restrictions for Emory faculty, staff and students. 

 “Faculty and students there will be no restrictions per the victim’s request,” Guerrant announced. 

One of those making their first appearance on Friday was Emory University Economics professor Caroline Fohlin. She was one of two professors that Cnn witnessed being detained during a pro-Palestinian protest on the university’s campus Thursday morning. 

The attorney for Fohlin had advised the court that Emory University did not want any special conditions placed on her bond, shortly before Adelmen joined the court proceedings via Zoom. 

According to her attorney, Fohlin is a tenured professor who has been with the university for 13 years. He said she is “situated differently” than the other defendants because she does not have a set schedule and is in and out of meetings every day. 

Fohlin was charged with disorderly conduct and simple battery against a police officer, according to DeKalb County Jail records. When asked if she understood the charges against her, she replied “basically.” 

The judge granted Fohlin a $50 cash bond with no special conditions for release. 

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