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United States > College protests updates: Ucla cancels all classes due to ‘violence’ overnight

Protests have broken out at colleges and universities across the country in connection with the war in Gaza.

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By David Newman

Many pro-Palestinian protesters are calling for their colleges to divest of funds from Israeli military operations, while some Jewish students on the campuses have called the protests antisemitic and said they are scared for their safety.

The student protests — some of which have turned into around-the-clock encampments — have erupted throughout the nation following arrests and student removals at Columbia University in New York City. Students at schools including Yale University, New York University, Harvard University, University of Texas at Austin, University of Southern California and more have launched protests.

Columbia University announced final exams will be held remotely amid a tense campus climate, according to a letter sent out by the university’s provost.

“In order to address the concerns of our members in an evolving campus environment, all academic activities for schools on the Morningside Heights campus will be fully remote for the remainder of the semester (with carve-outs noted below). Any remaining class meetings, review sessions, or office hours should be held fully remotely, and all final exams and other final assessments should be fully remote,” Columbia said in a statement.

All final exams scheduled for Friday will be automatically rescheduled for May 10.

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